Why Ground-Penetrating Radar Is Important to Contractors

When construction is scheduled in an area that has gas lines running underground to a neighborhood, contractors need to first employ the services of utility locators for marking the locations of the gas lines. The same is true about several other underground anomalies aside from utility lines. The safety of contractors and construction workers many times depend on the accuracy of ground-penetrating radar for avoiding serious injury and unnecessary, expensive property damages and service interruptions.

Avoiding Communication Interruptions

With the rise in cable and Internet use, the number of cables running underground has also became prevalent, which is important to know when it comes to a contractor and crew preparing to dig with large machinery like backhoes or excavators. The cost of locating cables underground is a lot less than the repairs necessary for repairing them if they are severed by a piece of digging equipment. Not only is a contractor faced with fines and the cost of line repairs, the customers receiving the cable, phone, or Internet from the severed line also suffer, especially if some of those customers depend on an Internet connection or phone service for their work.

Locating Natural Gas Lines Is Vital to Safety

A gas line only needs one spark of static electricity to cause an explosion capable of taking out an entire neighborhood block. For this reason, knowing the location of underground natural gas lines is essential to the safety of construction crews and the surrounding community near an ongoing project. Even if an explosion does not occur right away, a compromised line can cause a leak into homes that could lead to explosions. For example, if someone in a home with a gas leak was unaware of it, all someone would need to do is turn on their toaster to cause a huge explosion. Locating underground gas lines is vital before digging anywhere to avoid serious injury and devastating property damages.

Construction Crew Safety Depends On the Location Underground Power Lines

If a tractor hit an underground power cable, the results could be deadly, especially for the tractor’s operator. Always making sure all underground power cables are clearly marked is vital to the safety of you and your crew. Hitting a live power cable with a tractor can create an arc flash that can cause huge explosions and fire. Laborers working with hand digging tools like shovels are also at risk of hitting live power lines, especially if the lines are not buried deep enough. Never dig without first employing the services of an experienced, highly qualified locator.

One of the responsibilities of lead contractors is ensuring the safety of their workers on job sites. By taking the time to enlist locators and mark underground lines and cables, you greatly minimize the risk of serious injury to your workers and other people in the area where you are working.


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Top Reasons To Switch To French Doors

Have you recently moved into a new home? Are you already tired of the sliding glass door that leads into the back yard? When trying to decide whether to replace an existing door, it’s a good idea to consider all your options. Here are some benefits to installing French doors, instead of another sliding glass door:

Less curtain hassle: With a sliding glass door, there is typically one large curtain track that is hung over the entire door. Some installations may have two curtain tracks, but this may not be as common. When trying to get outside, dealing with the large curtain can be a hassle. If you neglect to pull the curtain back far enough, it could wind up getting stuck in the door and possibly being damaged. With French doors, this is less of a worry. While there are installations that place the curtain rods above the doors, many people opt to have the curtains installed on the doors themselves. This makes it easy to get in and out, without needing to worry about whether or not the curtain will get in the way.

Use blinds: Although window blinds may exist that will fit your sliding glass door, you may find that they are costly and relatively difficult to replace. If you have pets, the larger blinds may be easier for them to get caught in and damage. But because you can install blinds separately on each French door, the cost of these smaller blinds may be much less than the cost of a single set of large blinds. If your pets do happen to damage one of the sets of blinds on your French doors, it can be repaired or replaced relatively easily.

Better durability: If your child accidentally throws a ball through your sliding glass door, you have little choice but to replace it. While you might be able to have just the pane repaired or replaced, it might turn out to be faster and easier to simply replace the entire door. However, this cost is likely to be more than you’d like to pay for such an innocent mistake. You could wind up needing to make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, potentially raising the price of your monthly premium. On the other hand, French doors, with several smaller panes of glass, are more durable. The ball may only strike the wood frame in between the panes, causing no damage at all. If the ball does break the glass, it’s likely to be just one or two small panes and not the entire door. Since you’re dealing with smaller panes of glass, you may be able to pay for the cost of the repair yourself, without needing to rely on any insurance claims.

Click here to read more about the benefits of French doors.

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3 Key Considerations In Building A New Business Property

Regardless of whether you are going into business for the first time or you are looking to expand your current business into a new space, there are a few things you need to think about before jumping into one property over another. While some people opt to go for a space that is already built, others look at having a new commercial property built. Whatever way you choose, here are a few things to look for in a commercial property before settling on where to locate your business.

Storage Space

Depending on what type of business you have, you need to make sure there is plenty of space available for you to store all of your items. Regardless of whether you are selling lawn care items or perishable goods, you still need to have a large enough space to accommodate those items; otherwise, how can you ever have a steady supply on hand? If you are selling perishable items, your space needs to have the proper storage facilities available for you. You don’t want all of your products to spoil while waiting on customers to purchase them.

Room for Expansion

While you might not think about it in the here and now, you need to think about where you want to be a few years from now. If you are planning on expanding your product line or hiring more employees, you need a space that is large enough to handle all of that for you, unless you want to move again in the next year or two. When starting a new business, you likely don’t want to be relocating so soon. You want the chance to build your client base up so that they are willing to follow you in the event you do move a little farther out than they like.

Ample Parking

Customers need a place to park that is convenient for them. You don’t want to make your customers walk five blocks just to get to your facility. You need a place with plenty of space and easy access for them to come into and out of your parking lot. Don’t make it to where they are fighting just to maneuver around the lot and find a spot that is going to work for them.

By going through the three items above, you can choose a commercial property that is going to work for you and your business needs in no time. Speak with a contractor like Lehman Construction Services Inc to learn more.

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Common Garage Door Repairs You Need To Be Prepared For

Your garage doors are a luxury you enjoy as part of your home’s extension every day. You have the convenience of being able to park your vehicle(s) within your garage while keeping items and equipment out of sight behind closed doors. The more you use your garage doors, the more they are going to run into maintenance issues. Garage door repairs are easier and less expensive if you fix small malfunctions as you see them. Here are common garage door repairs you need to be prepared for. 

Loose springs

Every time you open and close your garage doors, its accompanying springs (responsible for the smooth action) go through a single cycle. Springs are typically good for 10,000 cycles, which sounds like a lot. But if you use your garage doors several times a day, you may go through springs much sooner than you’d think. You can test your springs and their durability by manually closing your garage door. If it slams to the ground or squeaks as it makes its descent, then new springs are what you need.

Stubborn door

If you press your garage door opener to get inside your garage and nothing happens, you are facing one of two repairs: your garage opener needs new batteries or replacement, or the issue lies in the door itself. If you can pull the emergency cord and your door opens (pulling the cord frees the garage door from the commands of the garage door opener), then the issue lies with your opener. If not, then you may be facing broken or stuck hinges in your door or even a door that has come off its track. A garage door company can inspect and then repair your issues for you.

Yearly maintenance

Maintenance is the key to avoiding future garage door repairs, and is something you should be prepared to do yearly. A garage door inspection specialist will check your springs to make sure they are lubricated and free of rust and will make sure your track and motor are working as they should. If any repairs are needed, they can be done at the time of inspection. Your garage door company can also show you how to lubricate your coils and check for other kinds of repairs your garage may need with continued use.

Garage doors do need repairs from time to time. The more you use your garage doors, the more likely you will run into issues of your own. Being able to recognize and anticipate the more common repairs can help you keep your garage doors in good working condition for years.

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French Exterior Doors: Natural Artwork For Your Walls

Trying to decide what type of artwork you want for the back walls of your home can be solved with French exterior doors. These doors are available in all different sizes and are comprised mostly of glass panels. While it is not a good idea to have them on the front of your house, for privacy issues, when you have them on the back wall, they provide a view of whatever lies beyond them. Here are a few situations to have French exterior doors installed (from a local outlet such as The Door and Window Store).    

Between the Back of the House and a Patio

If you have a back patio or porch that is often used for entertaining, or just relaxing, having French doors leading to it adds space to both the inside and outside living areas. You can open the doors if you will need to be inside cooking while your guests are enjoying the outdoor area. They are also great for the times you want to keep an eye on children playing on the porch but do not want to have to hear it all; simply close the doors.

Exiting a Sunroom

When you have a sunroom off the back of your house, having a wooden door breaks up the look and feel of it. To add a touch of formality to the room, use French doors instead of regular sliding glass doors. You may have the French doors slide or fold if you prefer that to having them hinged.

Directly to the Back Yard

Having extra-wide French exterior doors installed on the back wall of your living room creates a panoramic view of the yard. A well-landscaped yard can be a natural work of art. You can choose to put the doors in a location that looks out onto a lovely garden, a water feature or sitting area. Once you have them installed, you can make changes to the view as you wish. As the seasons change, you will be treated to new views. This will be much less expensive than buying art for the wall.

In addition to providing you with a lovely view, having French doors make a room appear larger and allow more sunlight into an area. You may choose to hang drapes or blinds on them for times you want more privacy or to keep the sun out on extra bright days. Advancements in glass have made it so these doors can be energy efficient to help save on your utility bills. You can enjoy a snowy scene, watching birds at the bird feeder in the winter without losing any heat from in the room. 

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Differences Between Lawn Border And Curbing Choices

Are you thinking about doing some landscaping next spring? Are you still working out how to tie everything in your yard together and make it look attractive? Putting a raised border around your flower beds to separate different areas of your yard can give your whole lawn a more uniform and well-manicured look. A carefully placed border can also help redirect rainwater or snow melt to another area, improving drainage and potentially preventing flooding. If you’re having a hard time choosing between different borders for your lawn, here are some things to consider:

Cedar planks: Cedar planks are a popular choice for gardeners who want a natural look. They’re also widely used for raised-bed gardening, making it easier to grow vegetables in certain types of soil. While cedar is relatively tough and long lasting, it will still eventually weather and decay. Make sure to use the right  type of nail when constructing your garden beds, or you will have rusted nails that easily fall out after just a few seasons. 

Brick curbing: Brick is less natural looking than cedar or other types of wood, but it can also be more orderly and neat looking. You can also use different colors of the same type of brick as visual reminders of your landscaping plans. For example, you might want to plant ornamentals in beds that are edged with red brick while your edibles are edged with gray or green bricks. If you hire or ever need to hire a landscaper, color coding your flower beds can also help lessen confusion over what needs to be done in which bed.

Stone curbing: Stones, such as large river rocks or even dressed stone, may be a little more natural looking than ordinary bricks and can be made more permanent than cedar. For a more organic look, you can dig a shallow trench around your beds. Then you can arrange larger pieces of rock in this trench until they look aesthetically pleasing and then pour in cement to hold the stones in place. Once the cement has dried, you can cover it up to hide the mortar from view while keeping the tops of the stones visible.

Cement curbing: A border that’s made entirely out of poured cement or concrete may not sound appealing at first, until you realize what can be done with it. A skilled concrete worker can give your concrete a variety of colors and faux finishes that you may be unable to find at any store. For example, the right aggregate mixed into a concrete that has a deep blue dye can make your curbing look like it was made from expensive lapis lazuli stones. For safety purposes, and a more interesting nighttime look, you could also request concrete curbing that glows in the dark, making it easier to find your way to the door without tripping if your porch light goes out.

For more information, contact a company like Northern Asphalt LLC.

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