Three Steps To Turning A Shipping Container Into An Outside Office

Sometimes you want to get out, but you still need to work. There is a way to bridge both your desire to get out into nature and your need to make money to pay the bills. If you are able to work from home, you can set up a workspace out in the backyard that will allow you to work outside yet not be cooped up inside. The best way to build this structure is to start with a modified shipping container. Here are three steps to turning a shipping container into the exterior office of your dreams. 

Find the city ordinance size

Each city has a certain size for structures that can be placed on property without needing a permit. Find out the size of the structure that you can have in your yard in accordance with your city laws, then find or modify a container to fit this size. This will allow you to get your outside office up and running without any delays or paperwork. 

Turn one side into a sliding glass door

In order to truly enjoy your garden, you should turn one side of the shipping container into a large sliding glass door. A sliding glass door made of a heavy weight will make sure that animals and children can’t sneak into your office area, keeping it safe outside. It will also make sure that the door cannot accidentally swing open in the event of inclement weather. Be sure that the glass is clear without much tint, so that you can feel like you are out in the garden. Assign a keyed lock to the outside and inside of the door, so that there is no way that anyone else can get in without permission.

Install a generator

If your job requires a computer, telephone, camera equipment, or more, you will need to have electricity inside of your exterior office. The easiest way to install this is through the use of a generator. Place your generator in one corner of the shipping container outside of your actual office but be sure that it can be covered for protection. Instead of a gas run generator, get a solar generator. This will be better for your garden and your health than generators that run on gas. Be sure to place the generator on the side where it will be exposed to sun, rather than hidden in the shade.

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There’s A Chill In The Air: 3 Steps To Keep Your Home Warm In The Winter

Winter is in full gear now. You expect to feel the cold on your cheeks when you go outside. However, it’s not something you expect when you’re inside your home. If you’re feeling a chill in the air from inside your home, it’s time to add some weatherization. Taking a few steps to weatherize your home will keep you warm in the winter and reduce your heating costs. Here are three methods you can use to keep your home warm in the winter.

Replace Your Doors and Windows

If it’s been a while since your home had new doors and windows, it’s time to replace them. This is particularly true if they’re beginning to show signs of aging. Replacing your doors and windows will help keep the cold air outside where it belongs. Not sure how to tell if you need to replace your doors and windows? Here are some quick ways to identify potential problems.


Look at your exterior-facing doors. If you see cracks in them, it’s time to get replacements. If you’re not sure whether you’re seeing cracks, head outside and close the door. With the door closed, look at it closely. If you can see light coming from the closed door, your door needs to be replaced.


To determine whether your windows need replacing do the “look and feel” test. First, look at the glass. If your dual-pane windows have a fog between the two sheets of glass, the seal has been broken. Now, place your hand near the frame. If you can feel cold air coming through on your hand, there’s no longer a tight fit between the window frame and your home. If you notice any of these problems, it’s time to get replacement windows.

Update Your Insulation

If you think your insulation should last forever, you’re mistaken. Over time, the insulation in your home can wear out. When that happens, your home will no longer be as energy-efficient as it should. To make sure your warm air stays in your home this winter, add a new layer of insulation in your attic.

Install a Humidifier

If you want to keep your home a few degrees warmer without turning the thermostat up, use a humidifier. Running a humidifier in your home during the winter will keep you warmer. If a whole-house humidifier isn’t in your budget, bring a couple of portable units in.

Winter is finally here. If the cold temperatures have followed you indoors, it’s time to do some weatherization. Use the suggestions provided here to keep your home warm this winter.

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3 Tips For Changing The Filter Of Your HVAC System

Most likely, you know the importance of changing your HVAC filter regularly. However, not many people know how frequently or infrequently they should do it. If you wait too long, it can cause problems with the HVAC system. However, if you change it too soon, you could be wasting money and time. Here are three tips to consider when it comes to changing the HVAC filter:

Change More Often if You Have Allergies:

If you suffer from allergies, it’s best to change the filter more often since even just a little buildup of debris on the filter can be released into the air, making it less than clear from allergens. You will be much more comfortable in your own home if you change the filter every month. You should also consider replacing the filter with allergen-reducing filters that are made to trap more particles in the air. These are slightly more expensive, but they can significantly reduce how often you suffer from allergies throughout the year. 

Change More Often With Pets:

If you have pets in your home, you need to change the filter more often because pet fur will clog it more easily. If you only have one pet, you can get away with changing the filter every month. However, if you have multiple pets, you’re going to want to change the filter every couple of weeks. To make this more affordable for you, you should consider the cheapest filter option. This way, you can continue to change it every couple of weeks without worrying about cost, which is important to avoid costly repairs that come from having a clogged filter. 

Change the Filter According to Manufacturer Instructions:

When it comes to changing the filter, you should do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions if you don’t have allergies or pets that will make you have to change it more often. This is usually every three months. Be sure to talk to the professionals about this so that you are changing it at the right time. And always be sure that you are purchasing filters that are recommended for your type of HVAC system. 

When you follow these three tips, you can be sure that you avoid problems that come with a clogged filter in the future. You can also be sure that the air quality in your home does not become worse when you use the HVAC system. For more information, speak with an HVAC company like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

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A Guide To Horse Care

When you want to raise horses, you need to learn a bit about ownership. The more you know about owning a horse, the better opportunity you will have of keeping the horse well kept, healthy, and productive for a long life. To create a foundation of horse ownership knowledge, start with these three horse ownership tips laid out in this guide. 

Tip #1: Create A Comfortable Environment For The Horse

Since your horse will be spending much of its life in a barn on your property, you need to do your best to set it up comfortably. Purchase quality hay and switch it out often. You should partition off sections of the barn so that your horse is able to quickly and easily find its food, water, and bathroom areas. By maintaining a clean and organized barn, your horse will be better rested and less stressed. Shop with horse barn builders in order to get an indication of the options they have and how much a new barn will cost you. A new horse barn might cost between $7 and $25 per square foot in a pre-fabricated model and about $45 per square foot in order to get a custom-built horse barn. 

Tip #2: Keep Your Horse As Healthy As Possible

It is best to own or have access to large areas of land so that your horse gets plenty of exercise and outdoor time. This will keep your horse health, strong, and more energetic. Make sure that you give your horse the medical care that it needs by establishing primary care with a veterinarian who specializes in horses. This vet will regularly provide checkups and vaccinations so that your horse is strong and healthy. On average, you can expect to pay about $140 per month on your horse’s nutrition and health care. 

Tip #3: Learn All That You Can About Horses

To be sure that you are constantly able to provide for your horse, you should learn all about your horse’s particular breed. By understanding your breed, you’ll be better able to provide care and communicate to your veterinarian. This will also inform your decisions on food, the mating process and other issues. Since horses have a domestic lifespan average between 25 and 33 years, you will have plenty of time to learn about the best care of your horses. 

Follow these tips so that you can best care for your horse. 

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Safety Devices And Measures That Will Protect Yourself And Your Employees If Faced With A Fire

If you are the new owner and operator of a small factory, it is important to implement safety devices and measures in order to protect yourself and your employees from injuries in case a fire ever starts inside of the building that you own. The following tips will help keep everyone safe and will provide each person with vital information in case they are ever faced with an emergency that involves a fire.

Routine Inspections Of Fire Sprinklers, Alarm Systems, And Extinguishers

Make an appointment with a local fire marshal or another qualified person to inspect the fire sprinklers, alarm systems, and extinguishers that are located on the premises. During an inspection, equipment will be tested to ensure that it is working properly. If any items are outdated or need to be repaired, measures will be taken in order to provide your facility with equipment that you and your staff can depend upon. 

Fire Safety Classes With A Certified Instructor

Enroll yourself and your employees in a program that offers fire safety classes with a certified instructor. Everyone will learn valuable skills, such as ways to prevent a fire, common sources of a fire, how to remain calm in case of an emergency, and the proper way to use fire safety equipment that is located inside of the building.

Safety classes that are held on your premises may be an option if it will be difficult for you or some of your employees to travel to a remote location. Upon completion of a course, each person will receive a certificate and may feel more empowered concerning fires. 

A Clearly Mapped Exit Route And Random Fire Drills

Create a map that clearly portrays a suitable exit route in case an emergency occurs. Make copies of the map and post them in various parts of the building. Hold a meeting to discuss the map with your employees and to answer any questions that some of them may have. Make sure that the exit route is free of obstacles at all times so that nobody is at risk of becoming injured in case they need to exit the building quickly.

Hold random fire drills with your employees to help prepare everyone for a real fire. Time each fire drill in order to determine how quickly you and your staff members are able to exit the building. Strive to maintain or improve the time during subsequent fire drills. For more information, contact a company like Nor Cal Fire Protection.

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Three Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Efficient

An air conditioning system can be one of the more expensive appliances for you to use. However, it is an unfortunate fact that there are many individuals that are uninformed when it comes to getting the most from these systems. To help you keep your home comfortable without breaking your budget, you should keep these simple tips in mind.

Invest In High-Efficiency Air Filters

The air filter is an essential part of your air conditioning system. However, you may assume that all of these filters are the same, and this is not the case. High-efficiency air filters are designed so that they minimize the resistance of air entering into the unit. This can help the system more efficiently cool and circulate air throughout your home, which can help to reduce the energy the system requires. These air filters will have a slightly higher cost than traditional ones, but the energy savings can more than offset this higher expense.  

Keep The Exterior Unit In The Shade

The exterior air conditioning unit will reach extremely hot temperatures due to being exposed to the sun’s light and heat. This can severely decrease the performance of the system, as it will have to work much harder to compensate for this additional heat. To help minimize this problem, you may need to install an awning. If you are concerned about the effect the awning will have on the appearance of your home, you should consider installing a retractable awning so that you only need to extend it on the hottest days of the year.

Apply UV Reflective Tints To Your Home’s Windows

The windows can be one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home. This can be particularly true during the summer months as the sun’s rays of light enter your home. Fortunately, this can be easily combated by using reflective window films. By installing these films, you can help to prevent the sun’s most intense heat from entering your home without impacting your ability to see out your window.

It can take some proactive steps to ensure that your air conditioning system is working as efficiently as possible. To help you prevent your system from costing more than necessary to run, you should utilize high-efficiency air filters, keep the exterior unit in the shade and install UV reflective window films. These simple steps can dramatically lower your home’s energy usage without forcing you to compromise on the comfort in your home.

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