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4 Strategies For Containing Water In A Curbless Shower

Curbless showers improve the aesthetics of a bathroom in a unique and refreshing way. Not only that, but they’re a great choice where accessibility and mobility concerns are involved. Yet many people hesitate to install a curbless shower because they’re worried about how to contain the water. If you are considering a curbless shower for your home, read on. This article will present four commonly used waterproofing strategies.  

Sloping Floor

Perhaps the simplest strategy for keeping water from escaping the shower is to slope the floor subtly toward the drain. This slope should not exceed 1/2″ per foot, however. If the slope is steeper than this, it will undermine the accessible nature of curbless showers, by making it difficult for wheelchair-bound individuals to remain level while utilizing the shower.

Linear Trench Drain

A linear trench drain consists of a narrow trough across the floor at the opening of the shower. The trough is covered with a perforated grate, which allows water to flow down into the trough. A linear trench drain may be used either in conjunction with sloping floors or alone. The latter case is preferable for those with mobility issues, as it allows the floor of the shower to be much more level, thus lowering the risk of falls.

When used as the sole means of water containment, a linear trench drain should be equipped with multiple drain lines. This prevents a safeguard in the event that one of the drains becomes clogged, blocked, or otherwise impeded. Having multiple drains in a trench also increases the volume of water which the trench is capable of handling.

Collapsible Threshold

A collapsible threshold, also known as a water dam, differs from the two options above in that it projects above the surface of the shower floor. In other words, a collapsible threshold presents a physical barrier, preventing water from escaping beyond the perimeter of the shower. Water dams do not present an impediment for those who use a wheelchair or walker. When these or other mobility devices pass over the water dam, it easily compresses beneath the weight, then springs back up into place again.

Weighted Shower Curtain

For those who prefer a greater degree of privacy while showering, a weighted shower curtain might be the best option. The weights help ensure that the curtain hangs straight down, providing even coverage along the full length of the curtain. Just be sure that the curtain is long enough that it almost touches the floor, without bunching up or dragging along it. This increases the likelihood of mold and mildew forming on the curtain.    

Contact waterproofing professionals, such as those from State Wide Waterproofing, for further assistance.

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3 Questions To Answer Before Installing A New Fence

Installing a new fence around your home is a big decision to make. You want to be sure that you choose a fence that adds value, but is also going to make you happy for years to come. Before installing a new fence, consider the answers to these three questions that will help make the starting process of installing a new fence easier:

​What Do You Need From a New Fence? 

First off, you need to establish what you need from a fence. If you are looking for privacy, you should consider a higher wood or vinyl fence. These fences will provide the most privacy for your family. If you are looking for a fence that is going to be sturdy enough for pets and children, vinyl fencing is a good choice because it holds up in many different kinds of weather. You won’t have to worry about boards coming loose like you would with wood fencing. 

Do You Need to Tell the Neighbors?

If you want to install a new fence but share a fence with a neighbor or neighbors, you are going to have to consult with them. If this is the case, it’s important that you get a licensed inspector out to your home who can measure the correct property line. There is a chance that your old fence is not at the correct property line and you may need to push the fence further out or further in. Doing this will ensure that disputes with neighbors in the future are avoided. 

Do You Have Time for the Installation Process:

Installing a new fence is going to take some time, typically a few days. Consider whether or not you are okay with this amount of time. During this time, you won’t have a fence up in certain areas until the job is complete, which is going to take away some privacy. Be sure that you have the fence installation done during a time that you are okay with this. Typically during the workweek when you will be at work and won’t be too worried about having some privacy in your yard. 

When you answer these questions for yourself, you can be sure that the fence installation is done in a way that you are happy with. You want the outcome to be exactly what you had hoped for because you will want this fence to last for years before you need to install a new one.

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Looking For A Classic Style? Wooden Windows Are Still A Great Option

There are endless variables to consider if you are going to buy new windows for your home. Many modern windows are made out of synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass. Even more advanced modern windows are electronically wired and can be controlled with smart phones. But, what if you want a more old fashioned look and feel? Many homes want simple windows that are functional yet old fashioned. If this is what you are looking for, you will probably want wooden windows sashes. In fact, wooden windows are still very practical for many homeowners. This article explains the perks of wood window installation

Wooden Style is Inimitable

You can find many vinyl and plastic windows that are actually printed with fake wood finishes. The very fact that these synthetic materials are being made to look like wood is a testament to the style of wood. Window manufacturers are trying to make their products look like real wood. Unfortunately for them, nothing looks as good as the real thing. You will be able to easily tell that the printed finishes are not real wood.

Wood is Strong and Repairable

Wood not only has the inimitable looks, it is also a very durable material. Hardwood windows are popular because they are stronger and more scratch resistant. However, many people prefer a softer raw wooden window with a hand stain. Hand stained windows are great because they are easier to fix. Patching holes and dents is very simple if you have a little wood putty.

Wood is Easy to Change

Not only can you fix small dents with ease, you can also completely change the finish on wooden windows. This means you are not stuck with the style and color that you choose upon the initial installation. This is not possible with synthetic materials. You cannot paint or stain vinyl and plastic windows.

Wood Works Great in Older Homes

While many new homes are being built with lower maintenance synthetic materials, there is still a huge market for wooden windows among remodeling contractors. They are especially ideal for window replacement in older homes. Synthetic materials will look out of place and awkward on older homes with antiquated materials. You don’t want a shiny plastic window set in a rustic brick sidewall.

These are just some of the most obvious advantages to choosing wooden windows in this day in age. You might personally find many more reasons to choose wooden windows.  

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3 Things You Need To Do Before Moving To A New Office

If your business has been growing, and will be moving into new office space soon, you need to start preparing for the big move. With proper preparation, moving to a new office can be a streamline process. Here are three things you’ll want to make sure you take care of before your big move to insure that your move goes smoothly.

#1 Check Before Moving Commercial Printers & Photocopiers

If you own or rent commercial printers and photocopiers in your office, do not just assume that you can put them on a dolly, load them on a truck, and take them to your new office. First, you need to check with your service provider whom you rent your equipment through or whom insures your equipment. 

These large pieces of office equipment are actually very delicate machines, which you probably already know based on all the service calls you’ve had to put in over the years for these machines. Moving them on your own may void your rental agreement and incur you large fees. Even if you own the commercial printers and photocopiers, moving them on your own could void your insurance and service contract. 

Check with your service provider and see if there are any special precautions or regulations you have to follow in order to move this equipment. Your service provider may even move this equipment for you. Don’t move this equipment on your own before you do a little homework.

#2 Make Your Employees Responsible For All Personal Belongings

Next, you need to make your employees responsible for all personal belongings. As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that all business equipment is moved safely, not all personal items.

Send out a memo and let remind your employees at staff meetings that they are responsible for packing up and moving all personal items from the old office to their new offices. That way, you are not held responsible if their belongings are damaged, stolen or lost in the moving process. 

#3 Inform Everyone About Your Move

It is not enough to let your employees know that you are moving, you need to let everyone know that you are moving. You need to inform all of your vendors that provide services to your business of your new location and you also need to inform all of your clients of your new location. Additionally, you need to provide them with any necessary additional information they would need.

For example, if you get water delivered to your office on a weekly basis, you need to let your water service know what date your last deliver should be at your old office, and the first date you need water delivered to your new office. Additionally, you need to know where they should park their vehicle and what entrance they should use for their deliveries. 

Make a list of everyone your business interacts with, and write down what each of those customers and vendors would need to know about those locations. Then, make every effort to get that information to those customers and vendors and make sure that your employees know what information to convey to them as well. 

If you are moving to a new office space, there are a few things you need to do before you move to ensure a smooth transition. Implement the steps above in the weeks before your big move. For assistance, talk to a company like Movers 201 Inc.

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Kitchen Remodeling Options For Serious Home Chefs

If you love to cook, you might feel like your current kitchen set up is holding you back. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, it is well worth it to put in perks that can help turn your cooking endeavors from good to great. Here are four kitchen remodeling ideas that are perfect for home chefs.

1. Extending Counter Space

Major meals and take major prep, and part of this is counter space. Home chefs need to be able to spread out all aspects of a meal and not feel cramped while doing so. Extending counter spaces in the form of an island or deep butcher block counters can immediately upgrade a home chef’s prep space. This can add extra inches and help expand space in a kitchen that won’t accommodate more square footage.

2. Adding Large, Deep Sinks

While shallow sinks might be a popular look right now, if you will be using larger pots and pans, a larger, deep sink will be more accommodating. Having two separate sides of a large sink can help with soaking and clean up. A functional faucet with good water pressure can be helpful, as well as a detachable spray fixture that can be extended to help with dishes.

3. Thinking About Accessibility

While some kitchens look tidy at all times with all pots, pans, and bowls hidden behind cabinets, this can hinder a chef from grabbing what they need when they need it. Consider hanging pots and pans above an island and having bowls and plates accessible on a shelf instead of hidden behind cabinet doors.

4. Focusing on Flooring

If you will be in the kitchen creating quite a bit, chances are your flooring will need to be durable and also be able to handle spills. It is a good idea to shy away from delicate types of tiling that might not withstand dropped pots and pans or lighter colors that could absorb stains. Dark flooring options such as terra cotta tiling, darker laminate flooring, or even finished cement can all be functional and stylish at the same time

Kitchen remodeling services can help combine the functionality that you need with the look that you want. Working with a contractor that specifically understands kitchen design and possibly even aspects of commercial kitchens is a plus. Be sure to let contractors know what you are looking for so that they understand that you are seeking a step up from the standard household kitchen. Companies like Winston Brown Construction can help.

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