If you are the new owner and operator of a small factory, it is important to implement safety devices and measures in order to protect yourself and your employees from injuries in case a fire ever starts inside of the building that you own. The following tips will help keep everyone safe and will provide each person with vital information in case they are ever faced with an emergency that involves a fire.

Routine Inspections Of Fire Sprinklers, Alarm Systems, And Extinguishers

Make an appointment with a local fire marshal or another qualified person to inspect the fire sprinklers, alarm systems, and extinguishers that are located on the premises. During an inspection, equipment will be tested to ensure that it is working properly. If any items are outdated or need to be repaired, measures will be taken in order to provide your facility with equipment that you and your staff can depend upon. 

Fire Safety Classes With A Certified Instructor

Enroll yourself and your employees in a program that offers fire safety classes with a certified instructor. Everyone will learn valuable skills, such as ways to prevent a fire, common sources of a fire, how to remain calm in case of an emergency, and the proper way to use fire safety equipment that is located inside of the building.

Safety classes that are held on your premises may be an option if it will be difficult for you or some of your employees to travel to a remote location. Upon completion of a course, each person will receive a certificate and may feel more empowered concerning fires. 

A Clearly Mapped Exit Route And Random Fire Drills

Create a map that clearly portrays a suitable exit route in case an emergency occurs. Make copies of the map and post them in various parts of the building. Hold a meeting to discuss the map with your employees and to answer any questions that some of them may have. Make sure that the exit route is free of obstacles at all times so that nobody is at risk of becoming injured in case they need to exit the building quickly.

Hold random fire drills with your employees to help prepare everyone for a real fire. Time each fire drill in order to determine how quickly you and your staff members are able to exit the building. Strive to maintain or improve the time during subsequent fire drills. For more information, contact a company like Nor Cal Fire Protection.