If you have a shed or garage with a metal rooftop, chances are you enjoy the protection it provides for your tools and landscaping equipment nestled in the structure underneath. There are a few steps one would want to take to ensure their metal roof lasts for years to come. Here are some tips a homeowner can take in caring for a metal rooftop so it retains its protection while looking great in the process.

Take Time To Tend To Gutters

If your shed or garage is not equipped with gutters, you may want to consider having them added so the structure’s foundation level is not at risk for overexposure to moisture after inclement weather. It is important to clean out the gutter system often so debris does not accumulate inside of these water diversion pieces.

When a gutter becomes filled with leaves, twigs, or dirt, water tends to become trapped in this area. When water isn’t flowing toward a downspout properly, it can push its way under the bottom of the metal roof above the gutter. This can lead to rusting or molding as a result. Get up on a ladder after storms to remove debris by hand and take time to periodically check the interiors for accumulating matter so it can be removed.

Remove Roof Debris Promptly

As with gutters, the rooftop itself needs to be cleaned regularly. When branches or other natural debris lands on your metal roof, it will allow moisture to accumulate underneath it. If this moisture sits for an extended time, it can rust the rooftop in these areas. Debris that is not removed promptly can also lead to some discolored portions of your roof as the sun will not fade the metal evenly. Sweep debris off your metal roof often to avoid these scenarios. If debris leaves behind a stain, use a non-abrasive brush to scrub a mild detergent over the area. Rinse well with a pressure washer afterward.

Care For Blemished Areas

If you notice an area of your metal roof where rust is present, it will need to be removed to improve the appearance of the metal. Use a piece of medium-grit sandpaper to rub away rust from the surface of your rooftop. Dab some rust-inhibiting primer over the area where rust had previously been noticed. When this dries in its entirety, use rust-inhibiting paint to give the spot a protective barrier so additional rust does not occur. 

Should you notice a scratch on your metal roof, adding a layer of mineral spirits will help dull its appearance. Rub the substance directly on the scratch and allow it to sit for several minutes. Rub it off with a piece of microfiber cloth. Add a coat of rust-inhibiting primer followed by a coat of rust-inhibiting paint to hide the scratch completely.

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