If you have a brand new truck and do not have a garage to keep it in, it can easily get scratches and other damage due to the weather as well as debris that may hit it. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep this from happening, two of which are listed below.

Truck Bed Liner

The truck bed on your new truck can easily scratch, especially if you put anything in it. To keep this from happening, you should install a truck bed liner on your new truck. There are different types you can choose from including:

Drop-in Bed Liners

This type of liner is made of rubber or a durable plastic and is dropped into the bed of your truck. Drop-in bed liners are generally molded so that they fit the floor and sides for the model of your truck. They are snapped in place or held onto the bed with adhesive. There are small gaps underneath the liner so there is a chance debris can get under there, which would scratch the bed.

Spray-on Bed Liners

Spray bed liners are sprayed onto the bed of your truck using a high pressure spray gun. If you choose this type of liner, make sure you want it to be a permanent part of your truck because it is very difficult to remove once applied.

Brush-on Bed Liners

A thick liquid is painted onto the floor and sides of your truck bed using a roller or a brush. The liquid adheres to the bed so there are no gaps between the liner and the truck bed. It also has texture so things will not move around while you are hauling things in your truck.

Talk with the dealership or a business that installs bed liners for more information about these and other types.

Truck Vinyl Wrap

Another option you have is wrapping your truck with vinyl. The truck dealership may offer to do this for you, or you can find a professional fitter in your area to apply the wrap. Vinyl wrapping is covering the paint with a vinyl layer.

The surface of your truck will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust or other debris. They then cut the vinyl to fit your truck and apply it to all surfaces and edges on your truck. The technician will heat the vinyl and then stretch it as they are adhering it to the surfaces. It goes onto the surface much like a sticker. A type of squeegee is used to remove any air bubbles.

Truck wraps are not permanent and only last a few years, but while they are on your truck, they protect your paint from scratches and dings, as well as from sun damage. Talk with the technician on when you will need to have your truck rewrapped.

Doing both of these things will add a lot of protection to your truck to keep it looking new.