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3 Tips To Prevent Speeding In Your Neighborhood

There are many reasons to worry about speeding in your neighborhood. If drivers aren’t being careful and are driving through your neighborhood’s residential streets at a higher-than-safe speed, you might be worried about yourself, your children and the others in the neighborhood getting hurt. You might not think that there is anything that you can do about other people’s driving speeds, but you do have options. These are a few steps that you can take to help prevent speeding in your area.

1. Install Speed Bumps

Installing speed bumps in areas where speeding is prevalent is a great way to slow everyone down. Not only can it help encourage drivers to reduce their speed, but it can also cause them to pay more attention in areas where you might be concerned about accidents, such as near the neighborhood pool or the park where the children play. Work with your homeowners association — if you have one — to find out more about having them installed. You can also communicate with the city government in the area that you live in to find out if having speed bumps installed through a road construction company like Lien Transportation Co is a viable option.

2. Post Additional Signage

Posting additional signage to warn drivers to slow down can be more effective than you think. Make sure there are ample speed limit signs throughout the neighborhood, and consider using “Caution, Pedestrian Crossing” or “Children at Play” signs to help call attention to areas where increased attention should be paid and where decreased speed is even more important.

3. Alert Law Enforcement

In some cases, it takes a traffic citation for someone to learn to slow down in certain areas. Consider alerting your local law enforcement about the speeding issue in your neighborhood. Local law enforcement officers may spend more time in your area to catch speeders and to discourage speeding through a police presence. This can be a good way to reduce speeding and to make the people in your neighborhood feel more safe at the same time.

You do not have to deal with people speeding in your neighborhood without at least attempting to do something about it. You and your family could be put at risk by people driving at too-high speeds in a residential area, and you also have to think about the safety of your neighbors. Luckily, trying these three tips is a good way to get started out with reducing speed in your neighborhood.

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Avoid Pricey Storage Services With The Help Of The Right Junk Removal Business

Hiring a junk removal business may sound like something suitable only for people that are in the process of moving or getting rid of excess items that are cluttering their home, but it can also be beneficial for those that don’t have a serious overflowing problem. One way that you can rely on junk removal services is using it as an alternative for self-storage if you have a lot of items you no longer use. Many people look towards renting a storage unit as a solution when they begin running out of space at home, but it’s best to first look into how a junk removal service can be a smart alternative to pursue.

Items You Don’t Use Any Longer Take Up Room

It’s common for people to rent a storage unit as a form of extra storage for items that they hope to use again—whether it’s old clothing, camping supplies, or sentimental belongings. Whatever the item is, it’s important that you take some time to assess whether or not the item is worth keeping. In many cases, you’ll discover that you no longer need the item due to it not serving any purpose. This could be due to a change in your interests, your clothing size, or your family dynamic—such as your adult children moving out.

By tossing some items with the help of a junk removal business, you won’t need to worry about paying for storage that is going to waste.

Storage Can Increase in Price Regularly

Renting a unit at a storage facility may sound like a good deal initially, but in many cases, the rates can increase over time. This can be a major problem if you’re concerned with saving money and don’t want to overspend. Being at a disadvantage with a storage facility over what they charge can make renting a storage unit much more expensive then you initially hoped for.

Junk Removal Makes Hauling Away Discarded Items Easily

If you’ve made up your mind to get rid of some of your extra belongings instead of renting a storage unit, you will then need to figure out exactly how to get rid of everything safely. While it’s certainly a possibility to move items on your own, it’s much easier to hire a junk removal business, such as The Dump Guy. From lifting heavy items to loading things away, you can rest easy with their help.

As you explore all of the benefits of junk removal services over renting a storage unit, you can feel good moving forward with hiring a professional for the task.

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