Installing hardwood floors in your kitchen is not that difficult if you buy the right product. Modular hardwood floors are specifically designed with the consumer in mind. That is, they are made so non-professionals can install them quite easily. You will need a few power tools, and the work can be physically demanding, mainly because you have to bend down so much, but it is certainly a manageable DIY project. This article explains how modular hardwood floors are installed so can decide if you want to do it yourself or let a professional contractor do it.

Cutting the Planks

The hardwood floor planks are easy to cut if you have a miter saw. But, make sure your saw has a movable blade that allows you to make angled cuts. Cutting the planks lengthwise is easy, and you will have to make a lot of cuts. However, there is also a chance that you will need to reduce the width of a row of planks. This is much more difficult if you don’t have a table saw. You won’t need to make too many cuts like this, but it still might be worth renting a portable table saw. Otherwise you will need to cut the plank with a handheld circular saw. The best technique is to clamp your plank to the edge of sturdy table and then cut it.

Ultimately, cutting the planks is the most time consuming part of the job. But, you can speed it up if you have helpers. One person can measure the space while the other cuts the planks to size. If only one person is working on the floor, it becomes very time consuming as you constantly need to bend down, take the measurement, stand back up, walk over to the, make the cut, and then go back to lay the plank. Doing this hundreds of times takes forever on your own.

Physical Requirements

The last thing you need to consider before deciding on installing your own floor is the physical nature of the work. Besides needing to constantly bend down and work on the floor, you also need to carry the planks. By themselves, the individual planks are not that heavy, but they are a little awkward to carry since they are so long. The planks are sold in packs that include 6 to 10 planks, so you need to be prepared for a fair bit of lifting before you begin the job. In the end, you really shouldn’t have any problem installing your own hardwood floor.

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