There are endless variables to consider if you are going to buy new windows for your home. Many modern windows are made out of synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass. Even more advanced modern windows are electronically wired and can be controlled with smart phones. But, what if you want a more old fashioned look and feel? Many homes want simple windows that are functional yet old fashioned. If this is what you are looking for, you will probably want wooden windows sashes. In fact, wooden windows are still very practical for many homeowners. This article explains the perks of wood window installation

Wooden Style is Inimitable

You can find many vinyl and plastic windows that are actually printed with fake wood finishes. The very fact that these synthetic materials are being made to look like wood is a testament to the style of wood. Window manufacturers are trying to make their products look like real wood. Unfortunately for them, nothing looks as good as the real thing. You will be able to easily tell that the printed finishes are not real wood.

Wood is Strong and Repairable

Wood not only has the inimitable looks, it is also a very durable material. Hardwood windows are popular because they are stronger and more scratch resistant. However, many people prefer a softer raw wooden window with a hand stain. Hand stained windows are great because they are easier to fix. Patching holes and dents is very simple if you have a little wood putty.

Wood is Easy to Change

Not only can you fix small dents with ease, you can also completely change the finish on wooden windows. This means you are not stuck with the style and color that you choose upon the initial installation. This is not possible with synthetic materials. You cannot paint or stain vinyl and plastic windows.

Wood Works Great in Older Homes

While many new homes are being built with lower maintenance synthetic materials, there is still a huge market for wooden windows among remodeling contractors. They are especially ideal for window replacement in older homes. Synthetic materials will look out of place and awkward on older homes with antiquated materials. You don’t want a shiny plastic window set in a rustic brick sidewall.

These are just some of the most obvious advantages to choosing wooden windows in this day in age. You might personally find many more reasons to choose wooden windows.