If your business has been growing, and will be moving into new office space soon, you need to start preparing for the big move. With proper preparation, moving to a new office can be a streamline process. Here are three things you’ll want to make sure you take care of before your big move to insure that your move goes smoothly.

#1 Check Before Moving Commercial Printers & Photocopiers

If you own or rent commercial printers and photocopiers in your office, do not just assume that you can put them on a dolly, load them on a truck, and take them to your new office. First, you need to check with your service provider whom you rent your equipment through or whom insures your equipment. 

These large pieces of office equipment are actually very delicate machines, which you probably already know based on all the service calls you’ve had to put in over the years for these machines. Moving them on your own may void your rental agreement and incur you large fees. Even if you own the commercial printers and photocopiers, moving them on your own could void your insurance and service contract. 

Check with your service provider and see if there are any special precautions or regulations you have to follow in order to move this equipment. Your service provider may even move this equipment for you. Don’t move this equipment on your own before you do a little homework.

#2 Make Your Employees Responsible For All Personal Belongings

Next, you need to make your employees responsible for all personal belongings. As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that all business equipment is moved safely, not all personal items.

Send out a memo and let remind your employees at staff meetings that they are responsible for packing up and moving all personal items from the old office to their new offices. That way, you are not held responsible if their belongings are damaged, stolen or lost in the moving process. 

#3 Inform Everyone About Your Move

It is not enough to let your employees know that you are moving, you need to let everyone know that you are moving. You need to inform all of your vendors that provide services to your business of your new location and you also need to inform all of your clients of your new location. Additionally, you need to provide them with any necessary additional information they would need.

For example, if you get water delivered to your office on a weekly basis, you need to let your water service know what date your last deliver should be at your old office, and the first date you need water delivered to your new office. Additionally, you need to know where they should park their vehicle and what entrance they should use for their deliveries. 

Make a list of everyone your business interacts with, and write down what each of those customers and vendors would need to know about those locations. Then, make every effort to get that information to those customers and vendors and make sure that your employees know what information to convey to them as well. 

If you are moving to a new office space, there are a few things you need to do before you move to ensure a smooth transition. Implement the steps above in the weeks before your big move. For assistance, talk to a company like Movers 201 Inc.