If you love to cook, you might feel like your current kitchen set up is holding you back. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, it is well worth it to put in perks that can help turn your cooking endeavors from good to great. Here are four kitchen remodeling ideas that are perfect for home chefs.

1. Extending Counter Space

Major meals and take major prep, and part of this is counter space. Home chefs need to be able to spread out all aspects of a meal and not feel cramped while doing so. Extending counter spaces in the form of an island or deep butcher block counters can immediately upgrade a home chef’s prep space. This can add extra inches and help expand space in a kitchen that won’t accommodate more square footage.

2. Adding Large, Deep Sinks

While shallow sinks might be a popular look right now, if you will be using larger pots and pans, a larger, deep sink will be more accommodating. Having two separate sides of a large sink can help with soaking and clean up. A functional faucet with good water pressure can be helpful, as well as a detachable spray fixture that can be extended to help with dishes.

3. Thinking About Accessibility

While some kitchens look tidy at all times with all pots, pans, and bowls hidden behind cabinets, this can hinder a chef from grabbing what they need when they need it. Consider hanging pots and pans above an island and having bowls and plates accessible on a shelf instead of hidden behind cabinet doors.

4. Focusing on Flooring

If you will be in the kitchen creating quite a bit, chances are your flooring will need to be durable and also be able to handle spills. It is a good idea to shy away from delicate types of tiling that might not withstand dropped pots and pans or lighter colors that could absorb stains. Dark flooring options such as terra cotta tiling, darker laminate flooring, or even finished cement can all be functional and stylish at the same time

Kitchen remodeling services can help combine the functionality that you need with the look that you want. Working with a contractor that specifically understands kitchen design and possibly even aspects of commercial kitchens is a plus. Be sure to let contractors know what you are looking for so that they understand that you are seeking a step up from the standard household kitchen. Companies like Winston Brown Construction can help.