Have you recently moved into a new home? Are you already tired of the sliding glass door that leads into the back yard? When trying to decide whether to replace an existing door, it’s a good idea to consider all your options. Here are some benefits to installing French doors, instead of another sliding glass door:

Less curtain hassle: With a sliding glass door, there is typically one large curtain track that is hung over the entire door. Some installations may have two curtain tracks, but this may not be as common. When trying to get outside, dealing with the large curtain can be a hassle. If you neglect to pull the curtain back far enough, it could wind up getting stuck in the door and possibly being damaged. With French doors, this is less of a worry. While there are installations that place the curtain rods above the doors, many people opt to have the curtains installed on the doors themselves. This makes it easy to get in and out, without needing to worry about whether or not the curtain will get in the way.

Use blinds: Although window blinds may exist that will fit your sliding glass door, you may find that they are costly and relatively difficult to replace. If you have pets, the larger blinds may be easier for them to get caught in and damage. But because you can install blinds separately on each French door, the cost of these smaller blinds may be much less than the cost of a single set of large blinds. If your pets do happen to damage one of the sets of blinds on your French doors, it can be repaired or replaced relatively easily.

Better durability: If your child accidentally throws a ball through your sliding glass door, you have little choice but to replace it. While you might be able to have just the pane repaired or replaced, it might turn out to be faster and easier to simply replace the entire door. However, this cost is likely to be more than you’d like to pay for such an innocent mistake. You could wind up needing to make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance, potentially raising the price of your monthly premium. On the other hand, French doors, with several smaller panes of glass, are more durable. The ball may only strike the wood frame in between the panes, causing no damage at all. If the ball does break the glass, it’s likely to be just one or two small panes and not the entire door. Since you’re dealing with smaller panes of glass, you may be able to pay for the cost of the repair yourself, without needing to rely on any insurance claims.

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