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About Troubleshooting A Gurgling Toilet & Getting Repairs

Do you hear gurgling noises coming out of the drain in a toilet? Walk around and listen for gurgling coming from other plumbimg fixtures to determine if there is a possible problem with the main sewer line. In this article, discover what kind of troubleshooting is necessary for a gurgling toilet and what repairs might cost.

What Can Cause Gurgling Noises in a Toilet?

The first thing to troubleshoot concerning a gurgling toilet is what is possibly stuck inside of it. If an item was flushed that should not have been, it likely created a blockage and accumulation of air. The air pushing through the toilet bowl hole may be causing the gurgling sounds. Using a plunger may send the object through the plumbing system and fix the problem, but it may take calling a plumber to pump the item out with commercial equipment.

Another thing that can cause toilet gurgling is a clogged up main sewer line. However, troubleshooting the main sewer line should involve listening for sounds or problems from all of the plumbing fixtures in your house. All of the plumbing fixtures are connected to the main sewer line, so a clog would make all of them malfunction. You may notice that water drains slowly out of multiple plumbing fixtures, or that they are all backed up with wastewater.

A plumber must be called to repair the main sewer line if it is clogged up, as he or she can use sewer jetting equipment to fix the problem. For instance, the equipment consists of a long hose that releases high pressured water into the sewer line to send debris through the pipe. There is also a nozzle at the tip of the hose that can break through whatever is clogging the sewer line up. Sometimes replacing the sewer line is necessary.

What Do Plumbers Charge for Making Repairs?

The hourly rate that plumbers are estimated to charge is between $45 and $150. However, plumbers may also opt to charge you a flat fee that is based on the type of repair they are performing. The overall cost of the repair will depend on how complex it is for the plumber to complete. Replacing a sewer line can cost as much as $25,000 or more.

A gurgling toilet may be a sign that a sewer line repair is needed. Speak to a plumber to get your toilet and sewer line inspected! To find out more about plumbing issues, speak with a company like Ken Tyson Plumbing. 

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Insulating An Old House: Why Professionally Installed Spray Foam Insulation Is The Way To Go

If you have an old, poorly insulated house, there’s no doubt that you’re throwing away your hard-earned money on excessively high energy bills. It’s estimated that it costs approximately $1,500 to heat an average sized home over the course of one winter. A well-insulated house in the same area only needs half that amount to stay warm, and that’s money that you could be putting toward other things.

Fortunately, you can add insulation to your old house without having to rip out the walls via a unique product called spray foam insulation, which is an extremely efficient insulation that’s used in most modern homes. While home improvement stores sell do-it-your self spray foam kits, you will probably be better off hiring a professional to do the work for you. Following are reasons why professionally installed spray foam is the way to go.

Structural Integrity

There are two types of spray foam insulation: open-cell and closed-cell. While closed-cell foam is a more efficient product overall, it can only be placed in new construction homes that haven’t been dry-walled yet. For retrofit jobs on existing homes, you must use slow-curing, open-cell spray foam insulation or run the risk of bulging and/or broken drywall. A professional installer can choose the right product and will also be able to recognize any special issues your home may have that might make spray foam a poor option.

Airtight Seams

Properly trained installers know all the hidden spots that they must hit to do the job right. For example, if all common leakage sites aren’t sealed off with spray foam insulation, you might get very little or no benefit from your insulation job. Gaps in the foam locating in the ceiling, around pipes and in soffits can allow a great deal of warm air out and cold air in.  

Adequate Coverage

Spray foam that is layered too thinly won’t make your home as efficient as it can be. Similarly, improper spray techniques can cause spray foam to contract and pull away from the framing. Both of these scenarios will leave your home inadequately insulated. 

There are numerous reasons why you might want hire a professional to insulate your home with spray foam rather than do it yourself. Not only can you cause damage to your home if you use the wrong materials, you might not make much of a difference if you don’t know how to spray properly, which will be a complete waste of time and money.

To get professional help with spray foam insulation, contact a company such as Specialty Insulation.

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