All properly-installed roofs should give you several years of protection against precipitation. Thus, your choice of roof should be based solely on which roof costs the least, right? Not exactly. Instead, you should consider which roofing option will offer you the most beneficial features while eliminating negatives. Asphalt shingles are a widely popular roofing option, but they are not necessarily the best choice for your home. If you are looking for a highly durable, energy-efficient, and weather resistant roofing option, you should buy a metal roof. 


The longer your roof lasts, the less you have to worry about replacement and repair costs. An asphalt shingle roof will last for up to twenty years. A couple of decades between roof replacements might sound impressive, but you can do better. A galvanized steel roof can last for sixty years or so and a copper roof can last virtually indefinitely. Thus, if you want a roof that you may never have to replace, you want a metal roof. 

Energy Efficiency

Asphalt shingles absorb the sun’s energy and then reflect it into your home. This can increase the load on your air conditioning unit, which will make your cooling costs much higher than they have to be. In contrast, metal roofs will reflect the sun’s energy away from your home, which will help you save up to 25% on your cooling costs.

Weather Resistance

The expected lifespan of a roof does not necessarily take into consideration extreme weather. You could have a brand new roof, and all it takes is one freak hailstorm to destroy it. If you know that extreme weather is a possibility in your area, you need to buy a roof that can handle the conditions.

Because a metal roof must be secured to your roofing decks with screws, it will resist high winds much better than shingles. A thick gauge of metal will withstand hail, and metal is, of course, inflammable, so if a stray spark falls on your roof, your home will be safe. 

Metal roofs are not as popular as asphalt shingles, but this is mostly because they are more expensive to install. If you can handle the higher installation cost, you stand to save more money with a metal roof than you would with a shingle roof. Simply by reducing your cooling costs, your metal roof will pay for itself. Thus, if you are looking for a quality, durable roof, a metal roof is the way to go. 

To learn more and have a metal roof installed so you can begin reaping the benefits of a metal roof, contact a contractor at a company like Fredericksburg Builders for more information.