The southern region of Florida is particularly vulnerable to severe weather, including hurricanes and tropical storms. In addition, the climate brings frequent rain and persistent humidity. All of these things can be serious threats to traditional roofing materials, causing swelling, mold growth and even cracking. Luckily, metal roofing is not vulnerable to this type of damage. For this reason, many roofers in Florida recommend metal roofing for homes. Here are a few reasons why you should consider metal roofing for your southern Florida home.


In addition to the fact that metal isn’t vulnerable to moisture damage, it’s also resistant to wind and other damage. It is often used in the coastal areas because it holds up to the severe winds from the storms that come in off the coast. Since metal doesn’t burn the way that wood and other roofing materials can, that also makes it a great choice for southern Florida – an area where wildfires often burn rapidly throughout the Everglades and beyond.


Metal roofing can help cut your energy costs in the Florida area as well. Since metal is reflective, it will bounce the heat of the sun back away from your house, reducing how much is actually absorbed and transmitted into your house. This feature can be enhanced even more if you paint the metal white. That white coating will help enhance the reflection, cutting your cooling costs by reducing heat absorption.


The days of plain, grey metal roofing are long since over. You can install a metal roof that is as attractive as any other traditional roofing material. You can choose metal roofing in a variety of colors, from light pastels to darker shades. You can even choose metal finished in a color to match your house.


Installing metal roofing on your house can increase the resale value of the home. It’s more expensive than some traditional roofing materials, but the long lifespan makes it well worth the investment. Since it lasts so long and is so durable, it can increase your home’s overall value.


Metal roofing is recyclable, which can help you reduce the impact you have on the environment. In fact, you can not only recycle the metal roofing you install on your home, but you can even install metal roofing that’s been made from recycled metal.

If you’re looking for a new roof for your house, these are a few of the reasons you should consider metal roofing. Talk with a local roofing contractor to find out if it would be a good fit for your home. To find out more about metal roofing , speak with a company like Schwartz & Sons Construction.