Cardboard boxes have long been a favorite toy for kids of all ages. A cardboard box is a great way for a child to use his imagination and make a fighter jet, a playhouse, a train, or even a monster truck. Don’t throw that cardboard box into the recycle bin just yet, keep it around for a little while for your kids to get a little use out of it and watch their imaginations explode with ideas. See below for a few things you can do with those cardboard boxes to help your child’s imagination a bit.


Make that cardboard box look like a silver camper using some paint and a few cut-outs. Paint the box silver, cut out a rounded opening for the door and a few windows that can be opened and closed. Place a sleeping bag inside and a flashlight to give it a real camping feel. Then let your kids add anything else they want in their “camper.”

Washing Machine

Create a washing machine for your munchkins to play with. Cut a hole in the top of a cardboard box and add a small basket. You can add another piece of cardboard to the top and add some buttons to look like knobs, or simply draw them on. Give your kids some old towels to use as their “laundry.”


If you have the washing machine, you need it’s partner – the dryer. Cut a semi-circle in the front of a cardboard box, so you have a door that opens and closes. Then add some dials using a marker. 


Use some colorful tape to create a wonderful kitchen your kids can enjoy for awhile. Add a sink using a plastic bowl and some old (clean) soap pump tops. Make a stove using marker for dials and the range-top, and cut out the front to make the oven. Then add some storage space for play food, or use some empty cereal boxes from your own kitchen.

Using your cardboard boxes for toys for your kids not only opens up your child’s imagination, it will also teach them to recycle. You’re showing them that a cardboard box isn’t just garbage, it can have other uses. When your child is finished playing with their cardboard creations, take your child with you to your local cardboard recycling plant, one like Sunwest Metals Inc, so they can see what happens to it after that.