Once you have a Jacuzzi, you need to consider what type of cover you are going to get. A cover is important. If you leave the Jacuzzi open, leaves and debris can fall into the water. A cover also prevents animals from getting into the water as well as preventing evaporation. However, not all covers are alike.

Some are soft, while some are hard. There are also some that are designed to capture the suns energy and heat the pool.

Is Your Jacuzzi Indoors Or Outdoors?

The type of cover you get will depend on where your Jacuzzi is located. If you have an outdoor Jacuzzi, you will need a hard or fitted cover. If, on the other hand, your Jacuzzi is located indoors, you can get a soft cover.

Soft Cover: The Floater

Floating covers are usually soft. They don’t attach to the sides of the Jacuzzi. They resemble large blankets. They work best for indoor Jacuzzi hot tubs. They are not designed to keep debris out of the water.

If you have an indoor Jacuzzi you are obviously not concerned with wild animals or leaves getting into the water. However, you have to be concerned with evaporation. A floating cover will help to prevent the water and chemicals from evaporating into the air.

The benefit to a floating cover is that they are lightweight and easy to take off and put back on.

Outdoor Cover Type 1: The Hinged Cover

These covers are hard and will keep leaves, snow, squirrels, and everything else out of your Jacuzzi. They are designed with hinges to make them easy to remove. Some have one hinge in the center, while others will have two hinges that allows the cover to fold into three sections.

The other benefit to a hinged cover is that you can access the water without removing the entire cover. If you are looking to test the water or add cleaning chemicals, then it is much easier with a hinged cover. A solid cover will require you to remove the entire cover.

Outdoor Cover Type 2: Fitted Solar Cover

A fitted cover is designed to be snug. They are also softer than hinged covers. While they are soft, they are still strong. They will protect the Jacuzzi from animals, snow, and falling leaves. The unique solar design is used to retain heat. This is a major benefit to the fitted cover. It reduces the amount of energy that is required to heat up the pool.

It is able to harness the suns energy and use this heat to keep the water warm. Later, when the Jacuzzi is going to be used, less electricity is needed to heat up the water. This provides a cost savings.