If your skylight’s dome has become cracked, there is a strong possibility that the situation will become worse and that leaking may begin to occur. You don’t necessarily need to replace the dome if you take steps quickly and patch the existing cracks. As a result, your skylight will still allow sunlight into your home, but will not be at risk of becoming more damaged. The steps that outline how to complete this skylight repair are listed below.

Use These Items To Make The Repair

  • ladder
  • garden hose
  • dry cloth
  • silicone sealant
  • caulking gun
  • scissors
  • all weather repair tape
  • measuring tape

Locate The Cracks And Patch Them

Use a ladder to climb up onto the roof of your home. Rinse the skylight off with a garden hose. This will remove dirt and make it easy for you to see which areas are cracked. After locating the damaged areas, dry the dome’s surface with a clean cloth. Silicone sealant will fill the cracks and prevent moisture from entering.

Cut the tip off of the sealant and place the cartridge into a caulking gun. To release the trigger, pull out the plunger that is located at the back of the gun. Press the cartridge into place. Aim the tip of the sealant at the areas that are cracked. Press the trigger while applying a thin, even line of this product. The sealant may take a couple hours to dry.

Cover The Repaired Areas

Placing all weather repair tape over the areas that were just patched is a good idea to add further protection. Measure each repaired area and cut out corresponding pieces of tape. Peel the backing off of the tape and press each strip firmly onto the areas that were previously cracked. The tape will adhere to the dome’s surface, even when it is cold, rainy, or windy.

Continue To Check The Condition Of The Dome

Keep the dome clean by spraying it off when you notice that it is dirty from within your house. Inspect the dome each year for leaks or cracked sections. If any of the tape needs to be replaced, peel off the existing pieces and replace them. Doing all of these steps will lengthen the life of your dome and prevent extensive damage from occurring. If your dome does, however, become seriously damaged, it is important to hire a professional to assess the situation and install a new dome if it is necessary.