If you love the way that stained glass looks, you can use decorative film to transform the glass door at your business into one that looks as if it is made out of this material. Decorative film is easy to apply and will not damage the glass or cause sticky residue to form on the surface. It will also enhance the beauty of your door and provide you with privacy. Read below to learn how to install this material. 

Use These Items

  • glass cleaner
  • clean cloth
  • decorative film (sold at home improvement centers)
  • squeegee
  • spray bottle
  • mild soap
  • water
  • ruler
  • utility knife

Clean the Door & Prepare the Surface

Remove residue from the surface of the glass by cleaning it off with glass cleaner and a dry cloth. Add a small amount of mild soap into a spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle up with water. Shake well. This mixture will assist with getting the decorative film to stick to the surface. Spray the glass surface with the soap and water, making sure that the entire area is covered.

Add the Film

Slowly add the decorative film to the door. Begin in one corner, lining the film up evenly with the edge of the glass. Peel a small amount of the adhesive backing off and press the film onto the glass. Continue adding the film, being careful not to wrinkle any of the material. Once the film is attached, secure it by adding an even coating of the soap and water to the top of it.

Use a squeegee to help flatten out the film. Start in the middle of the door and press the squeegee outwards until it reaches the edge of the film. Use the squeegee to cover all parts of the glass surface.

Trim the Edges & Maintain the Film

Hold up a ruler around the sides of the film to make sure that it is even. If any parts of the film are longer than others or hanging over the edge of the glass, trim them with a utility knife. Be careful that you do not gouge the glass or frame with the knife. The film will look great for a long time as long as you keep it clean. Standard glass cleaner can be sprayed on it whenever it becomes dirty. One of the benefits about using decorative film is that it can easily be changed in the future if you ever want to give your door a new look. For more ways to spruce up your door, talk to resources such as S & J Door Inc.