If you focus your efforts on cooling off your home once it heats up in the first place, your cooling bills will never be as cool as they could be. AC units will do nothing to prevent heat from pouring into your home; they can only combat the heat in your home once your home has already heated up. Some roofs will let heat into you home, while other roofs will protect your home against heat so that your AC equipment does not have to work as hard, and you save money.

How Clay Tiles Help Vent Your Roof

Clay tiles typically come in an S shape. The ridges in the tile create channels, which are very helpful in venting heat away from your home. As the tiles heat up, the heat from the tiles leaks into the channels underneath the tiles. Because heat rises, it will then travel up the channels to specially designed tiles in the ridge line, which allow the heat to escape away from your home.

How Metal Roofs Reflect Heat Away from Your Roof

A metal roof will have a natural reflectivity. By reflecting UV rays away from your home, metal roofs will deflect heat before it has a chance to seep into your home. When compared to asphalt shingles, which absorb heat, metal roofs will keep your home cooler and reduce your cooling costs by up to 20%.

How a White Roof Protects Your Home

The material a roof is made from is important, but it is not the only feature you should look for. Color can have a huge impact on how much heat your roof absorbs. The lighter your roof is, the less heat it will absorb from the sun, and the more you will save on cooling costs. Simply switching to a white roof can save up to 20% on your cooling costs. 

When you choose a roof for your home, you cannot focus solely on buying a roof that will keep precipitation out. Instead, you must also think about the role your roof will play in keeping heat out. While buying a clay tile or metal roof might cost more money than installing asphalt shingles, you can make up the money you spend on your roof with the money you save on cooling costs. There is no sense in overpaying for heating costs when you can easily do something to prevent your home from heating up and thus keep your cooling bills down. Speak to a contractor, such as McCullers Roofing, for more information.