Basements are great for getting a little extra space in your home for storage, extra living space, or bedrooms. Unfortunately, it is also very common for basements to flood. People who have basements that flood a lot usually need a drain system of some sort that helps drain water away from the home and out of the basement. One option is an exterior drain tile system.

The main advantages of installing this type of system are,

  • There is very little disruption to the interior of the home. The system is on the exterior of the house as indicated in the name.
  • Little preparation is required on the part of the homeowner.
  • It is very effective at draining the soil and any standing pools of water around the foundation of a home.

How It Works

Perforated tiles are placed around the base of the home, among beds of stone, which prevent water from pooling around the foundation. These pools are dangerous because if they have nowhere to go, they find a way into your basement, usually causing a really big mess. There are all kinds of stones that are used in this process along with a pipe that leads water where you want it to go. Some homes opt to put in pea gravel or other types of compacted stone, but the drainage is much less effective with these materials because there isn’t enough space.

Choosing The Exterior Over Interior Tiling System

The interior tiling system may sound easier to install, but it all depends on your basement. If you have just put a lot of money into finishing off your basement, the last thing you want to do is tear it apart to install a draining system.

The exterior drain tile is better for protecting your foundation. A system on the inside helps to correct damage that is already caused, but a system on the outside prevents damage in the first place.

Whether you have a foundation wall or a masonry foundation, water seeping through causes structural damage and weakens the entire base of the house.

Protecting Your Investment

A home is a significant investment. If you don’t protect it, even the most basic parts like the foundation, you put your entire house at risk. The foundation of your home is difficult to fix once it is damaged, requiring a lot of effort, inconvenience, and money. Protecting it from damage helps you to protect your home.

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