Is your dog a digger? Perhaps your dog is a climber or has figured out your gate system. Maybe you have no idea how your escape-artist canine manages to get out of the yard time after time, but regardless of your pet’s methods, there are several modifications you can make to your wood fence to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

1. Add some plants. If your dog is a jumper, chances are your wooden fence has taken on some scratches and other wear and tear. Planting dense shrubs or trees along your fence line can discourage the jumping. Likewise, a dog that likes to pace up and down the fence or have barking contests with the neighbor’s animal will be less likely to continue such behaviors when faced with a landscaped barrier.

2. Block any and all gaps. You may not think your hefty canine can squeeze through that small gap between slats, but determined animals have been known to fit themselves into seemingly impossible spaces, so patch any holes immediately and consider adding extra slats to wooden fences that feature gaps between boards. If you don’t want a solid wall surrounding your yard, consider attaching bamboo mats or reed fencing to the inside of your wood fence. It will deter your dog from finding the gaps in your fencing.

3. Install an L-Footer. You can prevent a dog that loves to dig from getting out of the yard by placing L-shaped wire fencing at the base of your wooden fence. The wire against the ground should extend a couple feet into the yard, and it can be buried or left exposed. If it is not buried, consider pinning it to the ground, to avoid the chance of your dog lifting it up. 

4. Try rollers. Notes From A Dog Walker suggests installing coyote rollers, a fairly new solution that includes mounting rubber rollers along the top of your wooden fence. When your dog tries to jump over the fence, it won’t be able to grip the roller and pull itself over and will instead fall right back into the yard.

5. Pour concrete. This solution requires a bit more work than the others but has a great rate of success in keeping dogs from digging under a wooden fence. Pour concrete along the perimeter of the fence and sink the bottom of the fence into the concrete. Along similar lines, but requiring far less work, you can reinforce certain parts of your fence by burying rocks or bricks in spots where your dog likes to tunnel under and out. The next time your pet tries to escape, it won’t get very far. Call a professional like Carter Fence Co for more ideas.