There’s an inner handyman/woman in everyone. This handyman/woman wants to fix everything that breaks. Unfortunately, some of the repairs aren’t necessarily the right ones to make. These unfortunate errors usually spring from DIY plumbing repairs. You know the ones. Those are the repairs that use some type of household product to facilitate a quick fix. Here are just a couple examples of household products that should never be used for plumbing repairs.

Duct Tape Only Delays the Inevitable Phone Call

You probably have several rolls of duct tape in your home. It’s great for all kinds of projects, but not plumbing projects. Duct tape shouldn’t be used for the following plumbing repairs.

Leaky Pipes

No one likes to deal with leaky pipes. They’re difficult to get to, and the repairs are usually messy. Sticking a few layers of duct tape over the hole is not going to repair the damage. In fact, the duct tape may actually cause more damage, especially if the water leaks out from around the duct tape and soaks the wood in your cabinet. You could have mold growth and water damage before you realize that the duct tape didn’t stop the leak.

Faucet Repairs

Do you have a faucet handle that keeps falling off? Perhaps you think that attaching the handle with some duct tape will fix the problem. It won’t. It will just delay the inevitable phone call to the plumber.

Super Glue Only Delays Harm and Damage

Super glue is a great item to have around the house, but not for plumbing repairs. The toilet is one plumbing fixture that should never be repaired using super glue.

Toilet Bowls

If your toilet bowl breaks—it can happen—you should never reach for the superglue. Using super glue to repair a broken toilet bowl increases the risk that the bowl will break when someone sits on it. This will not only cause a bigger mess, it might also cause injuries to the person who was sitting on the toilet. If your toilet bowl breaks, have your plumber install a new one.

Flushing Mechanisms

When you flush the toilet and the flushing mechanism breaks, you might be tempted to use super glue to repair the damage. The glue might reattach the arm, but only temporarily. As soon as you push down on the handle, the pressure is going to cause the arm to break again.

The next time you have a plumbing problem on your hand, don’t reach for the duct tape or super glue. Call a plumber, such as from Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. He or she will have all the tools to fix the problem for you.