Add a water feature to your landscape design to transform any ordinary backyard into a tranquil oasis. From quiet ponds and flowing waterfalls to tabletop fountains and fountain walls, there are numerous ways to incorporate water into any landscape design. These beautiful water feature ideas make a great addition to any landscape.

1. Sloping Stream

In your landscape design, incorporate a narrow flowing stream that runs down the center of the property. Large, flat boulders can be placed to form a path that leads to an open pond. Use colorful plants and materials along the slope to make the sloping stream appear natural. Water plants, such as water lilies, can be grown in the water.

2. Three-Tier Fountain

Make your water fountain the grand focal point of your backyard, patio or deck. Three-tiered water fountains are a luxurious addition to any traditional landscape design. Add potted plants, such as hydrangeas and ferns, around the perimeter of the fountain to give the area pops of color and texture.

3. Bubbling Pond

Create a gravel or stone path from your home to a large, round pond in the center of the property. Install a bubbler machine at the bottom of the pond to create movement in the water. Stone benches can be placed on either side of the pond to give guests a place to sit as they take in the view.

4. Tiled Fountain Wall

Create an awe-inspiring backdrop that acts as a vertical fountain. Cover the back wall of the fountain with colorful glazed tiles. Other water elements can be added to a fountain wall, such as a tiered water element that flows down level by level. Build a short wall around the bottom of the fountain to display potted plants.

5. Bridged Pond

Large ponds can act as a focal point in any landscape design. Consider creating a large pond surrounded by colorful plant life, boulders and lanterns that light up the water at night. Place a bridge across the water so that guests can overlook the pond.  Add visual interest to the top of the water with lily pads or a small waterfall element.

Enhance your landscape by adding a spectacular water element. These unique projects are designed to make any outdoor space more relaxing and beautiful. For more information about adding a water feature to your landscape or to hire out assistance in planning and executing your landscape design, contact your local landscape design service provider (such as Cottonwood Landscapes LLC or another company).